All the Lightning Web Component Learning Food in One Plate

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Lightning Web Component

This blog serves a very simple purpose to helps the LWC Developers by gathering LWC learning content in one place. It does contain trailhead, videos, and available courses online.

A. Trail from Trailhead
Build Lightning Web Components

B. Trail mix from Trailhead By Salesforce
Get Started with Lightning Web Components

C. Youtube Videos:
1. Lightning Web Components: A series of videos from Salesforce. These are short length videos and good to start with these. It does contain 11 videos and one Global Broadcast event. By default, you will land on the second video from the series. (Link)

2. Lightning Web Components – A series of videos from Salesforce. These are very detailed videos with live coding examples. It does contains five videos. The link will take you on the first videos. You can see the comment section for other sessions. (Link)

3. Lightning Web Components By Salesforce Apex Hours: Very good speakers and knowledge in these sessions. It does contain 5 videos at the time the blog gets published. I believe more will be coming so suggest you visit on this series. (Link)

4. Next Generation UI with Lightning Web Components with Peter Chittum: A session from London’s Calling by Peter Chittum. (Link)

D. Pluralsight ( Free Courses):
1. Play by Play: Understanding Lightning Web Components for Salesforce Developers
By Don Robins and Chuck Liddell. This course provides an in-depth review of the new Lightning Web Component programming model with attention paid to helping map an existing understanding of Aura components onto the concepts that exist in the new framework programming model. (Content from Pluralsight) (Link)

2. Play by Play: Understanding Lightning Web Components for non-Salesforce Developers. This course provides an introduction to the Salesforce Platform for standard web developers and describes how the Web Component specification is implemented inside the Salesforce ecosystem. (Content from Pluralsight) (Link)

E. Plugin:
SalesforceDX Code Companion: A plugin from Mohith Shrivastava for VS Code. If you are bored to write push command again and again and want the feel of Ctrl+S to save the LWC then you would like to install it. This plugin also provides the other features as well.

F. Udemy Course:
Learning ECMAScript The Next Generation of Javascript: This is not a required thing to do and out of LWC thing But I would suggest you take this free course to learn about ECMAScript as this will help you in building lightning web components. (Link)

I will be adding more content as soon as jump into something relevant content.

Happy Learning!!!

Last Updated: 23 April 2019

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