AI Buddy – Release v1.1

AI Buddy – Release v1.1

Download v1.1 from here.

1. Add API Key from App
2. Check API Usage
3. Create Dataset
4. Create Model with Name parameter
5. Retrain model with the same parameter
6. Testing the Model

You can use AI Buddy’s prediction function in your code:
URL: AIBuddy.Einstein.predictUrl(‘String ‘, ‘Model ID’ , ‘Number of Result’ ,’Sample ID’ );
Blob: AIBuddy.Einstein.predictBlob(‘Blob ‘, ‘Model ID’ , ‘Number of Result’ ,’Sample ID’ );
Base64: AIBuddy.Einstein.predictBase64(‘String ‘, ‘Model ID’ , ‘Number of Result’ ,’Sample ID’ );

Sentiment: AIBuddy.Einstein.predictSentiment(‘String ‘, ‘Model ID’ , ‘Number of Result’ ,’Sample ID’ );
Intent: AIBuddy.Einstein.predictIntent(‘String ‘, ‘Model ID’ , ‘Number of Result’ ,’Sample ID’ );

Note: It is very first release. May contains bugs. Please report me to make it better.

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