AI Buddy – Release v1.5

AI Buddy – Release v1.5

Download v1.5 from here.

1. Added View Global Datasets checkbox on Dataset list page.
2. Added new epochs and learning rate parameter for training model.

Bug fixes:
1. The app was not running after key upload for new einstein platform users.
2. Dataset upload failing in v1 for image type.

Updated document for this release:
1. View All Dataset
2. How to Create Models

How to Upgrade the App:
1. Login in your Salesforce Org.
2. Click on this Link (v1.5).
3. After opening the link you will see a screen like below. Here click on Install for All Users.
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 12.27.54 AM
3. Then Click on Upgrade button.
4. It will get upgraded in within few minutes.

Note: After upgrading to this package. You may need to upload API Key again. Make sure you should delete old API key file from Files.

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