Chuck Norris: Nothing Serious Here!! Lightning Web Component

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This is not a serious post. I repeat again. this is not a serious post. This blog is a result of my totally free time and tech mind.

I was just going through here and there in the Matrix!!! (red pill or blue pill). I found this API which provides the Chuck Noris jokes (so-called facts).

Okay, Somehow Lightning Web Component comes in the picture. Let’s build something and watch funny things in the Salesforce.

The only purpose of this component to give a smile on your face :). Definitely, it will not solve any developer or business need. I am not sure even someone wants to have this in the production. That’s why the test class is not included in the repository. 🙂

This is not a serious blog but if you are a beginner in the integration and Lightning Web Component. You will learn basic HTTP request and Lightning Web Component.

About Chuck Norris:

Chuck Norris facts are satirical factoids about martial artist and actor Chuck Norris that have become an Internet phenomenon and as a result, have become widespread in popular culture. The ‘facts’ are normally absurd hyperbolic claims about Norris’ toughness, attitude, virility, sophistication, and masculinity.

Chuck Norris facts have spread around the world, leading not only to translated versions but also spawning localized versions mentioning country-specific advertisements and other Internet phenomena. Allusions are also sometimes made to his use of roundhouse kicks to perform seemingly any task, his large amount of body hair with specific regard to his beard, and his role in the action television series Walker, Texas Ranger.


We have one Lightning Web Component and one apex class. This component can be used on the home page, app page and record page. You can configure these target from configuration tags in the meta of component.

Apex class makes a no-auth API request to Chuck Norris. We get JSON formatted data as a result. We process this data and shows on the Lightning Web Component.

Demo & Screenshots:


Chuck Norris API:

Happy Chuck Norris Day!!

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