Convert Standard Page Messages in Lightning Design System

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We all know about salesforce lightning design system. A very great UI for salesforce VF pages. But we have always some challenges to convert in lightning design system from salesforce classic UI.
In this post, I will introduce a new UI trick using Jquery and CSS. We have standard page messages, so here is a challenge to convert in these messages in salesforce lighting design system.
I have made a small trick with Jquery  and CSS. You just need to copy-paste code on your page and need to call this function in document ready or after on complete of any ajax function(Action Function).
Here is demo code:

Call overridePageMessages() on documnet ready or oncomplete of action function(AJAX). Uncomment textureEffect for texture effect on page messages.
Fewer efforts more work. Just try it.
Happy Salesforce!!!

One thought on “Convert Standard Page Messages in Lightning Design System

  • July 28, 2022 at 8:08 am

    For adding single error msg it is working fine with colon ‘:’ — (Error:),
    but for multiple Error mgs it is not appending colon ‘:’ — (Errors)

    Can some one help here.


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