Earning Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Certification

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Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer- 46 Links of Success (By 0to1Code.Com)

Recently I cleared my Salesforce Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer Certification. It is my first architect exam and learned a lot. (Seriously a lot)

I attempted the exam and completed it on my first attempt. It was quite hard for me because from the past 4 years. I have been working only on ISV apps. I didn’t have much practical knowledge about it. If someone already has been working on this then it can be simple for her/him.

Now, I had only one option that was read hard, Understand the thing like never before and again understand. I started reading here and there. It was not working out.

I created a path for my self in the excel sheet and I call it 46 Links of Success. I took every link that I found on the internet (Including trail mix, a resource guide, blogs)

Now I have all the needed things in one place. I started again from the links and read those very carefully. I divided my 46 Links of Success sheet into 5 parts.

  1. Documents: All the major things that we need for the exam.
  2. Trailhead Modules: These gave me a very good understanding of real-time examples.
  3. Videos: These are awesome videos. You must watch them very carefully. Listen to every word and why things are needed.
  4. Blogs: I don’t have words to say, Just visit the blogs and you will know the power there.
  5. Flash Card: These are just one line question and answer. so You can test your knowledge for the practice. (If you are the Guy, Who is looking for dumps. You must not visit there. You will find the sadness.)
Here are my 46 Links of Success Guide


You will find some of the highlighted links in the sheet. I feel that those are very important. (But don’t miss the other ones. 🙂 ) I have also added few links(Guru99) which I found very simple and easy to understand.

Few tips:
  1. If you are giving your exam at any KRYTERION center. Make sure that the KRYTERION center is good and less noisy. I suffered there. I am damn sure that I will not be going there again. Noise can disturb you from thinking.
  2. Read the Development Lifecycle Guide very carefully.

Best of Luck!!!, If you are attempting for this certification.

If not, You can still go through the list. Reading is always good.



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  • June 26, 2019 at 12:43 am

    Thanks for sharing and it is really helpful!

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      Glad that it does helping you.


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