Earning Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification

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“No one’s gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March.”Earl Weaver

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification

Yes, The game is on and The journey has been started. It’s my 7th certification.

March month has been good for me. I got a Sales Cloud Consultant Certification and Service Cloud Consultant Certification.

About the exam:
60 Question, 105 Minutes, 63% passing marks and a glorified win. Read more about at trailhead.

How I studied:
If you have been following my previous certification blog then you must know about the “# Links of Success” sheet. If not then let me introduce the “# Links of Success” sheet. This sheet contains all needed links for this certification including trailhead, salesforce docs, videos, etc.

Purpose of sheet:
Using this way, I have a 360-degree view of my study. What I have completed? what am I reading? how many things are left? These things get managed in one place.

In the service cloud certification, I have maintained the 23 Links of Success. I would suggest you to first go through the Salesforce service cloud certification exam guide from the trailhead.

Now let’s jump into the 23 Links of Success sheet. Here are the details of each section:
1. Documents: All the major things that we need for the exam. I would recommend to focus you on the Service Cloud guide (except the points that is mentioned in the sheet) and all the implementation guides. Those will give you a deep level of knowledge.

2. Trailhead Modules: These gave me a very good understanding of the service cloud. You should also do the Service Cloud Specialist Super badge.

3. Blogs: A very nice blog is there from salesforcechris.com. I really recommended going through this.

4. Videos: This section contains one video which can help you to understand a few questions and how to see questions and answers in the exam. Because sometimes you don’t know the right answer but you know the wrong answers. Believe me, this will help you.

5. Flash Card: These are just question and answer. so you can test your knowledge for the practice.

Here is 23 Links of Success Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q0ZfssIl2HrwFFxqSNYQKdUnt8XkDbmB6SXSEhIaHBg/edit?usp=sharing


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