Earning Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification

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Vishnu Kumar- Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer

Wohooo!!! One of certification is in my bucket from Salesforce Application Architect. I cleared my Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Designer Certification today (6th Jun 2019). It is my second architect exam and learned a lot.

This is a very hard and easy exam. Yes, It is hard if you never did practically on sharing a side. Easy, If you have done some work on the sharing settings. I stay in the first category. But few of the things helped me as I was ISV developer for a long time.

I tried reading documents but nothing was getting inside my mind. I decided to create a dev org. I Implemented all the sharing settings there with almost possible scenarios. It helped me a lot. I really recommended you to practice it with all possible aspects.

I have also created a list of Quick Notes. These notes helped me to review the material in last time. Here is the link to my Quick Notes:

Sharing and Visibility Quick Note-0to1Code.png


I created a path for my self in the excel sheet and I call it 46 Links of Success. I took every link that I found on the internet (Including trail mix, a resource guide, blogs)

Now I have all the needed things in one place. I started again from the links and read those very carefully. I divided my 46 Links of Success sheet into 5 parts.

  1. Documents: All the major things that we need for the exam. I always focus on the salesforce guides as they cover all the points.
  2. Trailhead Modules: One or two modules but good to read them,
  3. Videos: These are awesome videos. Some of are from Salesforce Who sees what series.
  4. Blogs: Great content floating here.
  5. Flash Card: These are just one line question and answer. so you can test your knowledge for the practice.
Here are my 46 Links of Success Guide


You will find some of the highlighted links in the sheet. I feel that those are very important. (But don’t miss the other ones. 🙂 ) I have also added a few links which I found very simple and easy to understand.

Best of Luck!!!, If you are attempting for this certification.

If not, You can still go through the list. Reading is always good.


46 Links of Success 
My Reading Notes (Quick Notes)

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