Javascript Framework for Lightning Design System

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Salesforce has a very powerful UI which is called lightning design system. This is very sharp and neat UI. But Salesforce yet not providing any JS framework for SLDS(salesforce lightning design system).
I am facing a problem with JS for SLDS. Are you also facing problems? I found two of JS framework. They both are providing JS for SLDS.
A. Appiphony Lightning JS (ALJS):
Appiphony Lightning JS (ALJS) harnesses the power of jQuery and Ember to deliver a rich JavaScript experience to the Lightning Design System. ALJS is developed and maintained by Appiphony.
Click Here to Getting Started with ALJS.
Note: Appiphony is discontinuing development of this library as all current projects are solely developed using the Lightning Component framework.
B. Lightning Dart:
Lightning Dart is a library for developing web applications based on the CSS framework Salesforce Lightning Design System. Lightning Dart provides a complete component functionality for SLDS. Written in Dart, it compiles into Javascript (“Dart – the better Javascript”), so the delivery is a “one-page apps”. You can add business functionality by writing the code in Dart – or in Javascript directly – or any language which can call Javascript.
The Framework is not dependent on functionality or context and can be used independently.
Click Here to Getting Started with Lightning Dart.
If you know some other JS frameworks. Please type in comments. I will add here. Make it useful for others.
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